Car Rental Bucharest FAQs

We think these FAQs will be useful in case this is the first time you hire a car from our car rental Bucharest company. First, let us go over the most frequent asked question we get. Certainly, by reading these answers you will better able to decide to hire a car from our company. Further, in case you have any extra questions please contact our team. Our team members are happy to explain any details about the car rental Bucharest we operate.

  • 1. What type of documents to I need to hire a car in Bucharest?

    Firstly, we will need a copy of your ID. Depending on the country you live in, it can happen that your ID and passport are one and the same thing. We accept passport copies as well. Secondly, we require a copy of your driving license. This driving license needs to be at least 1 year old. Car rental Bucharest doesn’t hire cars to drivers with an experience shorter than one year. A young driver can be a risk for the safety of the other passengers and for the vehicle.
  • 2. How long in advance do we need to book the vehicle?

    Car rental Bucharest works best with reserved vehicles. There are times in the year, especially summer time, when it will be difficult for you to find the vehicle you desire because of high demand. In case you know the date you will be traveling, it is better to book your favorite vehicle model in advance. We have booked cars even with two months in advance of the date.
  • 3. What happens if we crush the car?

    Certainly, we hope that will never be the case. But accidence happen and we are all living in a fast-crazy world. Our advice for you is to contact the Car rental Bucharest company as soon as anything happens. A team member will advise you and will arrange that you get a replacement car. As we mentioned previously we care about the comfort of our clients a lot. In case it was a small incident, we will send a replacement vehicle for you to be able to continue your journey.
  • 4. Which is a popular model of vehicle your clients prefer?

    Clients of our Car rental Bucharest come from different backgrounds. We have been working these last ten years with a wide diversity of nationalities. Everyone has his favorite model of vehicle. Some prefer our low-cost models because it is easier to find a parking space in the city. Others prefer luxury cars or SUVs because they want more comfort and elegance. Therefore, our fleet is made of many models of vehicles. We want to have an answer for any request.
  • 5. How long ago have you started the company?

    Clients of our Car rental Bucharest know we have been on the market since more than ten years. These ten years have been full of opportunities to understand and develop a business and a community. The industry of car rentals in growing rapidly in Bucharest. Many people are surprised with the number of companies who provide car rental services. We focus on honesty and transparence to keep a steady growth path.
  • 6. Where is the HQ of the Car rental Bucharest company?

    The fleet and the office of the company are in the same location. This location is at a walking distance from the International Airport Henri Coanda. The car rental services we provide offers flexibility to clients. Therefore, we bring the vehicle where you need it. As you can see on the rental form from the website, the pick off and drop off for the vehicle happens in locations established together with the client. In case it is easier for you to drop off the car at the airport before getting the plane, we can arrange that to happen.
  • 7. Can you provide a navigation system?

    Most of the cars we have available have a navigation system built in. In case there is need for a system and the car doesn’t have one you can request it in the rental form from our website. Similarly, we offer any other accessories which you may need for your trip to be as comfortable as possible. Please mention the accessories you require in the rental form and we will do our best to try to offer a solution. Please keep in mind that these additional accessories are going to be offered at a small price and that they do not come for free.
  • 8. Do we need to get the fuel tack full before dropping off the vehicle?

    Five Car rental Bucharest is a small company and offers flexibility to its clients. We know that with large companies this is common practice, but we don’t do it. We ask the client to drop off the car with the same amount of fuel it had when we rented it. We usually have a small quantity of fuel in the vehicle and allow the clients to choose how much they needs for the days they have rented the vehicle.
  • 9. Can we drop off the vehicle in a different place?

    In case you have any changes of plans, we advise you to keep in contact with our company’s employee. Car rental Bucharest offers flexibility to its customers. In case the situation appears that you must drop off the vehicle in a different location, we will find a way to adapt. All that we require is transparency from the customer’s side. In case you are willing to communicate, we are here to listen and support you.

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In case you have any questions about Bucharest Car Rental please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a young and friendly team that you can rely on. We are at your disposal at any time for your questions. You can contact us by phone, mail or using the contact form.