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Renting a car sometimes triggers inconveniences. Are you looking to Rent a Car in Bucharest and didn’t find what you need? When you don’t find the model of car you need you will not enjoy your trip. This is something we focus our attention on. We are happy when the client renting our vehicles is happy. Therefore, we have in our fleet many car models. Clients who Rent a Car in Bucharest have different needs. Different people look for different types of cars. Some prefer a low-cost car just to get the job done. Others prefer impressive cars made for their business image.

Car Models to choose from: compact or low-cost

People who Rent a Car in Bucharest prefer compact or low-cost vehicles. This happens because these are smaller cars or easier to drive cars. People feel comfortable to rent a car for going to work or a short trip with the family in the country side. The compact cars we have in the fleet are perfect for a small family trip. Even in the crowded city traffic, a compact car will do the job perfectly.
Low cost vehicles are a perfect solution for companies renting cars for employees. These cars are using less fuel, and are easier to park and drive around the city.

Would you like to rent Luxury Cars or/and SUVs?

Many of the people who Rent a Car in Bucharest search for luxury models of cars. Luxury cars are useful for important business meetings or social and life events. The vehicles in our fleet are maximum two – four years old. Certainly a new model of a luxury car adds a touch of elegance to the person driving it.
Some of our clients, Rent a Car in Bucharest by selecting SUVs. This is a special type of car which allows great comfort for the driver and passengers. We are certain that you will enjoy the quality of our SUV models. Cars are our passion and we love to invest in beautiful new models. We are sure you can find a model you will enjoy among in our fleet.

Are you in need of a minibus?

Rent a car in Bucharest or a minibus. Have no worries, we cover all types of vehicles. A minibus (or microbus) is a passenger carrying motor vehicle that is designed to carry people. In case you plan a trip with friends this is the perfect vehicle. Also, companies hire this type of vehicle to organize teambuilding activities.
No matter the reason you may have, Five provides the best solution. We have minibuses ready to rent for seven or eight people. These vehicles are safe, reliable and comfortable. This way you can enjoy your trip in Romania or even abroad.

Car rental in Bucharest – additional information

Consider the load of luggage you have and the number of passengers before choosing a car. When looking to Rent a Car in Bucharest consider the number of people from your group. In case you travel with children, make sure you mention this aspect in the renting form. We can provide car seats for children. You need to mention the age of the child and any other necessities you may have.
Any type of questions you may have, contact us today. Someone from the team will answer as soon as possible. For different information about traveling in Romania, read our blog articles. We are passionate about bringing people to their favorite destinations using our cars.
Rent a Car in Bucharest with Five more than once. You will discover the advantages of being a returning customer. We consider all our clients part of the big family called Five.

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