Compania Five: Car Rental Otopeni

Our Car Rental Otopeni company started more than ten years ago. Certainly after so many years of experience we are experts in the field of car rental. We decided to set up the Car Rental Otopeni business office near the International Airport Henri Coanda. This location is perfect for clients traveling to and from Bucharest by plane.
There are many lessons we learned along the years by renting vehicles. Above all, the most important lesson is that to listen to the customer’s needs. Likewise, to stay always competitive by adding new models of cars every year.
In addition to the lessons learned, we can say that we had our share of fun moments in these years. Our returning customers became our friends. We know what they prefer and when they visit Romania. This makes us their favorite company to work with because we are paying attention to details. We remember customer’s preferences and requirements and that makes them feel cared for.

What makes a great car rental company?

Firstly, the customer service we offer is excellent. We are transparent, fair and always available. Secondly, we have safe cars and we respect the vehicle inspection timeline. By focusing on safety and comfort we created a large customer base. Further, we have the flexibility of a small company and the passion of a huge brand.
We are flexible in what matters for our customer. For example, we allow different pick up and drop off locations. In case you travel with large luggage or kids or sport equipment, we offer vehicles which accommodate your needs.
Our accessories come in different forms, depending on the request of the client. We supply at demand children seats, navigation systems, or a driver from the company.

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A car fleet with all you need

The Car Rental Otopeni company we operate has a wide selection of vehicles. We have covered all the basic needs of our customers. Our cars are low cost, compact or luxury. Similarly, we offer SUVs and minibuses. It all depends on the necessities of the client renting from us.
Businesses hire low cost cars for their employees because they are easier to drive, park and they are inexpensive to fuel. For special social events or business meetings we rent the luxury vehicles.
Likewise, people traveling outside the city look for comfort and safety in the long drive. Either in Romania or outside the borders, you can rely on the quality SUVs and compact cars Car Rental Otopeni has on offer.
Car Rental Otopeni

Questions and Contact:

In case you have any questions about Bucharest Car Rental please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a young and friendly team that you can rely on. We are at your disposal at any time for your questions. You can contact us by phone, mail or using the contact form.